The Living Classroom (TLC) is the learning and equipping resource of the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA). AMiA is a mission society of gospel-centered leaders and churches introducing people to Jesus, making disciples and developing leaders who plant three-stream Anglican churches and communities of faith to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in America.


The Living Classroom provides a live, ever-changing platform where clergy and lay leaders come to share, ask questions and hear from others as they live out a liturgical three-stream faith. Through podcasts, Zoom call discussions and live events we offer a place of participation and demonstration of three-stream faith, a place to give feedback, invite others on similar journeys and to engage for the sake of your communities.

The Living Classroom is an environment that cultivates humble collaboration, leadership development and authentic vulnerability.

  • Humble Collaboration: we believe all people have something to offer and that we all have something to learn from one another.
  • Leadership Development: we believe being a disciple of Jesus is a commitment to lifelong learning, training and maturing.
  • Authentic Vulnerability: we believe as Christians we have nothing to prove, nothing to defend because our identity is grounded in Christ.